Spanish Content Writing

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She found her blog unexpectedly in the spotlight on Yahoo!’s homepage. The challenge was, it was the Spanish Yahoo, homepage. From her simple question arose a nifty little translation strategy. Jaime wanted to take benefit of the free publicity and she asked on how to assemble translate her site. Pondering it a little further, a brand new strategy emerged.

First, the timing is significant to increase the traffic generated by the Yahoo exposure, and I’d definitely act fast. Having a good translation of the original will also highlight the opportunities presented within the article. She must get the article translated into English by a pro translator in order to uncover these opportunities. Is the Yahoo article just a good PR piece to generate traffic to the site? what’re the opportunities for new coaching clients? The goal of this whole exercise is to exploit the opportunity without spending a fortune on translation while doing so. Assuming some potential from the scenarios above, she should write a page to her Spanish visitors directly addressing the Yahoo article’s topics.

Do a small search and show what a distinctive service will provide that the current Spanish market doesn’t. Within that single response page she should include a call to action for the Spanish and the bi lingual visitors. Directly ask them if more content in Spanish will be valuable. A certain percentage of the visitors from Yahoo would be capable to speak English and may really help her flush out the new opportunities. Try to establish a brand new dialogues with your bi lingual visitors through an exclusive e-mail newsletter. Even creating a dialog with a several people might open new doors for her.

Next, her specific Yahoo, response page has to be translated by a pro translator, and lastly posted to the site. Something which will instantly attract the eyes of all Spanish visitors from Yahoo. The point is you would like to funnel that traffic to your specific, translated message. Simply by utilizing a chart from the Yahoo article you can continue to post to your site. Now, she’s built a funnel for the Spanish traffic that she can measure and test. See if you can determine the value of your site in Spanish. Can she gather enough feedback from the new visitors to decide to provide even more Spanish content.

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