Norwegian Content Writing

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Perhaps you have noticed Norwegian fish oil supplements are cheaper than other brands? But, does that mean they’re better? It really depends upon what the oils contain. Where they came from is just important when it is to do with contaminant content. What’s the germ level such as from the waters surrounding Norway? In 2002, many lakes tested from excess of 1mg per g. A total ban of manufacturing, exporting and importing of mercury products has been in place since January of 2008. It may take years for a ban to produce a difference in the contaminant material of water.PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls had been banned in the USA during the late 70s and by members of the UN from the year 2001. The poisonous, cancer causing substances are still present within the environment. PCBs and mercury may be an issue in Norwegian fish oil, just because it could in another brand. So as to find out, check the manufacturer’s web site for info concerning the standards they comply with. The better producers have separate testing conducted to ensure that their oils have the best quality. The testing lab provides a certification of analysis this lists contaminants such as mercury, arsenic, lead, PCBs and dioxins.

The labs also assess the oxidation level, which suggests how fresh the oils have been when they were encapsulated. Many countries don’t have any regulations regarding the quality of the oils that needs to be included in these nutritional supplements. They leave it up to the producers to insure that their supplements are safe. Neither limits the amount of oxidation which can be present. Oxidized oils are almost as dangerous as PCBs and mercury. Consuming because oxidized oils contain the radical molecules your exposure can increase to free radicals. They play a part from the development and progression of cancer.

They cause DNA mutations, which may eventually lead to the cell’s death. The Council to get Responsible Nutrition has set standards these producers can comply with voluntarily. There’s no enforcement or punishment for not participating. Companies are permitted to point out that they comply with the standards on their labels. Advertising claims to get Norwegian fish oil suggest this best in some way. It’s true that Nordic fisherman were some of the first individuals to use the monies to prevent and alleviate stiff, aching joints. That does not necessarily mean this the oils are better. It’s the contents Omega-3 and the content of individual content that makes one supplement better than another.

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