German content Writing

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Won ABC is among the pioneer writers in German graffiti. Particularly, he’s Committed to writing street art graphics and painting on canvas, which one might agree is kind of odd combination for a graffiti writer. He began graffiti career in as back as 1984, when scathes by Won ABC began to appear in subway and on the walls of city buildings. Five years later his canvases, in contrast, became a part of important exhibitions of contemporary art both in Germany and overseas. This writer is also a graduate artist, as a matter of fact he graduated Munich Academy of Arts in 1995, Faculty of Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

Won ABC has much of experience and inspiration from his trips overseas, he travelled a lot since 1989, particularly to such exotic destinations as Belize, Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, United States, Thailand, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Jamaica and across Europe. In his paintings one can observe a lot of dragon images, that are likely to be the consequence of artist’s impressions from exploring Eastern cultures, he travelled there in early 2000 s. If to speak about his works, Won ABC happened to express emotions and reflections of the most inspiring things which include classic graffiti and tattoo designs, comic books, hip hop, horror and zombie movies, which add some mystery in writer’s sketches.

Canvases are the other major part of Won’s art. Particularly, they’ve been exhibited for several years in galleries, some other works were made as movie decorations and illustrations for books and magazines. More precisely, a peak of Won’s popularity came in the early and mid-2000 s, when his personal and commercial works appeared in various books. In the year 2007, the German created the illustrations for the advertising campaign of Carat clothing, which remained in memories of numerous graffiti writers. Back in 1999, the artist published a book Color Kamikaze, in which he collected his psychedelic comics, sketches, drawings and photographs of graffiti fonts on the walls and in trains. Regardless of the fact that it was reprinted in 2002, it’s unfortunate to purchase a brand new copy anymore. Many writer’s illustrations can be seen in the free magazine Rugged, which closed a few years ago.

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