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English, with its growing number of varieties, pidgins and inflections, is now firmly established as a world language. It’s currently speaking as a second or foreign language by more speakers than people who call it their first language. Now there are more than 3 non native speakers of English for each native speaker and the number of non native English speakers carries on to grow on a regular basis. There’s never before been a language that’s been spoken by more people as a second than a first, said David Crystal, author of the book English as a Global Language. In the area where I grew up in south central Pennsylvania, there is an interesting variety of the English language spoken by the Pennsylvania Dutch.One difficult facet of the English speech in Dauphin, Lancaster and York counties located in south central Pennsylvania, where a large concentration of Amish, Mennonites along with other Pennsylvania Dutch sects live is the manipulation of the grammatical elements of English.

Here are some samples of the ways wherein grammar and word order are managed in every day Pennsylvania Dutch speech. For Outlanders, anyone who is not Pennsylvania Dutch, these expressions of everyday speech can range from amusing to startling. Here is a look at just a couple of the many aspects of this variety of English. Throw Papa down the stairs his hat. Explanation: Throw Papa’s hat down the stairs to him. Go out and tie the dog lose and do not forget to outing the light. Here the verb Outing means To turn out. The adjective and noun are utilized in reverse order from other forms of Standard English.

It isn’t that he cannot learn, it is just that after he learns it, he forgets it. If you do not speak Pennsylvania Dutch in one of its many forms, they simply might say of you: You do not make yourself out so good. A plump wife and a large barn never did any man harm. Via get too soon olds, und too late schmart. In this region of the Keystone state as Pennsylvania is monickered, this variety of is frequently named Ferhoodled English by the Pennsylvania Dutch themselves and by local Outlanders. Tens of thousands of visitors come to examine the crafts, food and Peculiar language this austere people. It’s, but still one of the many continually developing varieties of English as a global language.

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